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We know of at least three human souls that were brought back from death and re-united with the physical body a vampire had taken over -- Angel, Darla, and Spike. As mentioned earlier Darla returned fully human, so the demon who had killed her did not get pulled back. Instead, Darla was revamped later by Dru.

One question I have about vampires is whether they are all the same demon (essentially, clones) or if each demon is somehow unique apart from its human host. It does not seem likely, for example, that the same demon who was killed in Buffy S1 is somehow restored to Darla's body once she's revamped in Angel S2. But if the vampire parasite just creates clones of itself when it finds a human
host, the question becomes somewhat irrelevant. Darla's human brain retained the memory of its life as a demon because the physical form was restored from its point of destruction (in Buffy S1) but with the original human inhabitant restored from its demise in 1609. Read more... )
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As the Buffyverse developed, the issue of souls and soulessness became increasingly muddled. In Buffy's early seasons the soul was presented as a form of morality leash on vampires, though its actual definition was a little hazy. As the Buffyverse expanded, particularly on Angel, the mix of demons and humans up to no good made it quite obvious that souls were no guarantee of good behavior, nor was their absence a guarantee of violence and evil deeds. So why is it that the issue of souls for vampires is so key to the presence of morality? Read more... )
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I was considering something I mentioned in a discussion about "This is the Picture", which was the repeated use of young women as mentally ill or institutionalized in Joss Whedon's work and how Spike was a rare male recurring character who was shown in the same way. That led me to thinking more about his ensoulment and what a human soul even means in the Buffyverse.

Getting a Soul

There has been, in Buffy fandom, a vigorous debate about what the writers intended to do at the end of S6 with Spike's storyline. Was he always intended to get his soul? The official story is yes but there has always been doubt on this topic. And I'm not sure why because, to my eyes, nothing else really made any sense. Read more... )
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Author: [profile] mabus101
Summary:[Does Harmony actually have a point here? Could she (or pre-soul Spike, or any other vampire who wanted to) learn to live a moral life (at least as moral as any ordinary human) without a soul? Or do they inherently not get it?]  Dealing primarily with the metaphysics of souls as they relate to Harmony.
Spoilers: Intermittent through AtS S5
Word Count: about 2400
Notes: [profile] darynthe is to blame for this meta; she suggested that I write about soul metaphysics from a Christian perspective, since that was uncommon.  I'm not sure this was what she had in mind, though.  However, the specific question was from [personal profile] icemink.

Fake Cut
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Title: Ten Years of Buffy and Spike

Summary: Spuffy fanfiction is invariably popular. Why?
Spoilers: All BtVS seasons.
Word count: around 1200

Notes: Thanks for [ profile] latestartercds for beta work.
I'd be happy to hear from other fans, whether they agree or disagree. Usually I post within Spuffy community and share my thoughts with like-minded people. I'd love to know outside opinions.
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Author: [ profile] peasant_
Summary: An exploration of Giles’ behaviour and motives in Season Seven.
Spoilers: The whole of Season 7 BTVS, up to and including 7-22 Chosen. Frequent references to events in earlier seasons.
Word count: 4,842
Notes: Idea suggested by [ profile] lusciousxander.

You need to learn: Giles in BTVS Season Seven
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Metaphysics of the soul in the buffyverse
Author;    [profile] darynthe
Summary:   The definition of soul in the Buffyverse, some explanations to paradoxes and a study of the Anima as the ultimate frontier of the soul.  
Spoilers:  Everything there is to spoiled is touched here.
Word count:  About 1900
Notes:  feedback appreciated.  Sorry didn't have a chance to have it betaed.  
Idea;  asked by [personal profile] avidrosettewho gave such good ideas that I took up on them all.

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Author: Mel ([ profile] thatotherperv)
Summary: the beginning of a meta series I’ve been planning…1.5 essays for the purpose of the Metathon. Why science must be a consideration in the practicalities of vampirism (intro to the eventual series). And the real essay: How a feline model can be used to understand some vampire physiology.
Spoilers: let’s say whole series, just to be safe.
Word count: “It’s just magic” is 807 words, “Vampires as Cats” is 3200.

Notes: For those who don’t know me, a little on my background: My career goal is to be a zoo vet. My bachelor’s is in zoology, sort of split emphasis between ecology and pre-veterinary curriculum. I had a sociology minor in college and I have a Master’s in public policy related to wildlife, which is sort of irrelevant for this, but you know…basically, I’m not a total science egghead. I’ve already begun my DVM, though I’m still early in the curriculum. I often see the world through the prism of the life sciences…including canon.

links to the individual essays behind here )
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Author: [ profile] lusciousxander
Summary: Reasons why Anya was easily accepted as a Scooby than Spike.
Spoilers: From S2 toward S7.
Word count: 2,609
Notes: This essay is an answer to [ profile] bookishwench's question: Why is Anya, a demon who has lost her powers and has tried to kill the Scoobies at least twice, regarded as being less of a threat/more acceptable to the group than Spike, a demon who has lost his powers and has tried to kill the Scoobies as well?

Great thanks to [ profile] llywela13 for being my wonderful beta and giving me the cutest title.

Here's the essay... )
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Author: [ profile] hotspur18
Summary: The nature of the human soul.
Spoilers: All seasons A:tS and Buffy (no comics)
Word count: 2200 (approx)
Notes: [ profile] woman_of_'s request for a discussion on 'a Soul does not a good person make. Human evil in BtVS or AtS'
(this has become more a debate on the nature of a soul, but hm. I think it all gets covered…)

The nature of the human soul
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Author : [profile] candleanfeather
Summary : an analysis of the symbolic meanings of Spike's dream in Out of my mind, preceded by a short approach of the general functions of dreams in Btvs.
Spoilers : up to Btvs7/17 (Lies my parents told me)
Word count : 2700 more or less
Notes : This essay is an answer to [personal profile] bookishwench 's request (Here)
Thank you to   [personal profile] stormwreath  who helped me to recollect the dreams in Btvs.
This essay is unbetaed, and english isn't my native language, so don't hesitate to signal me all the cases of bad spelling, strange syntax, atrocious grammar that could disgrace this essay and  [profile] peasant_    's Metathon

This way for the essay, please


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