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Although this community is open for posting, it seems that only one person's thought to crosspost content here in the past few years. While Buffyverse meta probably isn't being written as often as it once was, I think there's still enough content out there that we could keep this account active.

One thing I've been noticing in a review of my own meta is that a lot of it was prompted by someone else's post -- sometimes fic or discussion, but often another meta post. It made me think that an interesting challenge might be to do a meta "remix". This could be of a meta post originally written about a different fandom, or another Buffyverse meta post that could use updating or another take.

Would anyone be interested in taking part in this if we set contribution dates at the end of July? I'd like people to commit to making a specific post, but we could do it as a weeklong event instead of set posting dates to keep things simpler.

If you'd be willing to take part, please leave a comment here. If we have at least a dozen people willing to take part, I'll make a new post and we can determine specifics of the posting week, and people can "sign up" to contribute particular topics.
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Does anyone wish to take over the ownership and maintenance of this community? It is currently moribund but could be revived, or it could simply be kept in aspic as part of the fandom record.

If nobody is interested I will simply delete it, but that seems a shame since there are some great essays here.

LJ Community Management FAQ

Stay tuned!

Aug. 1st, 2007 06:45 am
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The Metathon is now officially over, and I hope you all agree it has been a marvelous month. I originally started the com because I was wondering what I could do to encourage a little more meta to be written, and it has exceeded my greatest hopes. I think we all just showed there is still a great deal to be said about this wonderful show of ours.

But it needn't all be over now.

We still have a handful of delayed essays to look forward to, but I have also had a lot of people express interest in continuing to use the com for other essays. This was always my intention and I think we definitely should keep the com as a pimping/posting place for all Buffyverse related meta.

So from now on, the com is open to all Buffyverse meta essays as and when you want to post them. Please still post in the format used for the Metathon - with headers, and tags and spoiler warnings etc. as before. If you are looking for inspiration then the subject list is still available with plenty of marvelous suggestions. Add a comment to the relevant suggestion when you have posted to help people find your essay (no need to say 'taken' or set yourself deadlines, obviously). Or post on a completely new subject as the inspiration takes you. The Buffyverse is our oyster.

In addition, you can link to other people's meta that you come across in your travels. The only rules are that it must be Buffyverse related, it must be a public post, you must follow the usual header and tag rules in your post, and you must inform the author that you have linked to her so she can ask for the post to be removed if she is unhappy with it.
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This post explains the correct format and procedures for posting your essay.


You must post the following headers here on [ profile] buffyversemeta.

Word count:
  • Author - your LJ username, preferably as a link. <lj user=your_name>
  • Summary - A couple of sentences summarising the subject matter of the essay. This will probably include the original 'question'.
  • Spoilers - this is compulsory. Think hard about which episodes might have their plot spoilt by your essay. Then put the season name and number and episode name and number after which it will be safe to read. So, for example, if your essay discusses Buffy killing the Master put Spoilers: BTVS1/12 Prophecy Girl. Do not put something vague like 'you are safe if you know that Buffy killed the Master' since that is a) useless and b) a spoiler itself.
  • Word count - just a rough count so readers know what they are getting into.
  • Notes - anything else you need to say, but keep it brief. Remember to mention who thought of the original subject if it wasn't your own idea.

The Essay Itself

Beneath the headers, either post the essay itself behind an LJ cut, or a link to the essay on your own journal.

Essays can be any length.

Please try to ensure the text is readable by all - do not use unusual fonts or formatting. Try to write in plain text, avoiding special characters including Word's 'smart quotes'. (If you need advice on this, please ask in the comments)

If your essay includes images, ensure they are of moderate size for the benefit of those on dial-up, and hosted on a site where they will be permanently available. (i.e. not a site that removes the file after a limited number of downloads).

If you quote from an episode, please cite the episode name and number (people like to know).

Please list any references you have used at the end of the essay, including links to online resources.

Comments must be turned on for all posters, including anonymous ones, on both Buffyverse Meta and your own journal (if applicable).


All essay posts must be tagged with the following tags (all members can create new tags):
  • Your username
  • The season it spoils up to in the following format: spoilers btvs3, spoilers ats4 etc.
  • A tag for each of the principle characters mentioned.
  • Two or three tags for the subject matter. Be brief and generic so you are likely to share tags with similar essays in the future. For example: spuffy, feminism, souls

Link on the Subject List

After you have posted, please go back to the subject list and find the original subject suggestion. Add a reply to that comment with a link to the completed essay post (link to the one on Buffyverse Meta even if you are posting on your own journal, so people can read the headers).

If You Miss Your Posting Date

Please post on the original date explaining that there will be a delay and giving an expected date for the actual posting. (Try to set yourself a specific new deadline because it will probably help you.) Tag the post just 'delayed'.
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It is time to sign up for the Metathon.

You should become a member of the community before you sign up. (Membership is open and unmoderated. Join here.)

Sign ups can begin from Monday 18th June GMT.

To sign up:
  • First, select a posting date from the date selector post. Simply find a free date and add a reply to that comment saying 'taken'. This will be the date on which you will post your essay.
  • Second, select a subject from the subject list. Add a reply to that comment, stating the date on which you will post. You may pick any subject, even one you yourself posted (if someone else has already taken that subject, see below for details of what to do).
  • Write your meta!

If the dates have all gone then you may of course double up, but not until the whole month has been filled.

If the subject you wanted has already been taken then you may write it as a second essay if you really want to, and post on the date the original person chose. However, it would be appreciated if you also sign up for and write another essay that no-one else has chosen. (This is to ensure a wide range of subjects are covered.)

If you take a date and then change your mind or discover you are going to be writing a 'second' essay so you don't need it, just delete the 'taken' comment so it is available for other members.

Further details about the exact format for posting your essay will be posted here at the end of June.
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This post contains subject ideas for meta essays. Please post as many ideas as you wish in the comments.

To Suggest a Subject

All subjects must be related to the Buffyverse - that is the world created by Joss Whedon in Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel. This currently covers the TV shows and the S8 comics, but not other comics, tie-in-books or the film.

Suitable subjects might include:
  • Considering individual characters, their motivation and character.
  • Discussing the detailed ideas behind plot points.
  • Discussing overall themes or season arcs.
  • Fandom trends and behaviours, providing the essay has particular reference to the Buffy fandom and how the Buffyverse subject matter itself affects that behaviour.
  • Anything else at all. Basically the sky is the limit as long as it is clearly related to the Buffyverse.

To suggest a subject idea, simply add a comment to this post. One subject per comment. Remember, anyone can make a suggestion even if they don't intend to write an essay. If you do intend to write an essay, please be sure to suggest at least two or three subjects (in separate comments) so we all have a wide range of choices.

Ideas should be no more than a sentence or two long - the idea is to stimulate the writer into writing an essay, not dictate exactly what they write or write the essay for them. Think of them as questions on an exam paper. Only more fun to answer.

There is nothing to prevent you eventually signing-up to write an essay on a subject you yourself suggested, but all subjects must be suggested here first.

There is no final date for suggesting subjects - keep them coming.

To Claim a Subject

Subjects can be claimed from Monday 18th June.

You should first have reserved a date from the date selector.

Then reserve your subject by adding a reply to that comment stating the chosen date.

If the subject you wanted is already taken, you may still write a second essay. Simply add a comment that you will be doing so to the subject. You will have to post on the date chosen by the original taker. (Please be sure to delete your 'taken' comment from the date selector unless you decide to use it for another essay.)

You may sign up for as many essays as you wish.

Please do not add any comments to this post that are not actual suggestions for essays or comments claiming a subject to write. All questions and general squee should be on other posts. Anything else will have to be deleted.


Jun. 12th, 2007 10:03 am
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Welcome to [ profile] buffyversemeta. The aim of this community is to get more meta essays about the Buffyverse posted and so we can all enjoy discussing the ideas raised.

The Metathon will work as follows:

  1. Week 1: people post ideas for subjects for meta essays.
  2. Week 2: members sign up and commit to post an essay on a particular subject on a particular date.
  3. July 2007: The essays are posted here.

Further details:

Suggesting Subjects

  • Subject ideas can be posted by anyone, whether they intend to write an essay or not. The point is to get as many ideas as possible.
  • Any individual can post as many subject ideas as they wish.
  • All subjects must be related to the Buffyverse in some way, beyond that there are no limitations on what is a suitable idea.
  • Make your suggestion in a comment to the subject list post. There is no time to waste so please start suggesting right away, we need as many as possible before June 18th.

Sign Up

  • You should become a member of the community before you sign up. (Membership is open and unmoderated. Join here.)
  • You may sign up to write as many essays as you wish.
  • Sign-up during the week of June 18th-24th
  • To sign up, pick a free date from the date selector by replying to that comment. Then pick a free subject from the subject list by replying to that comment with the date you have already picked.
  • If the subject you wanted is already taken, you may write it as a second essay and post on the date the original person chose. It would be appreciated if you also sign up for and write another essay that no-one else has chosen. (This is to ensure a wide range of subjects are covered.)

Posting Your Essay

  • Essays may be posted here, or on the writer's own journal with a link posted here.
  • All essays must be posted in public posts with comments, including anonymous comments, turned on.
  • All essays must be posted with the appropriate headers, tags and format for the convenience of future readers.
  • The writer undertakes to read all comments on their own essay and reply if appropriate.

Please feel free to pimp the community far and wide.


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