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Author: [livejournal.com profile] aycheb

Summary: The special treatment of girl’s stories in BtVS

Source texts: All of BtVS including the S8 comic issues 1-4. AtS S1 The Prodigal S3 Lullaby, S4 Inside Outand S5 Damage

Word count: 2642

Notes: The original prompt was [livejournal.com profile] azdak’s "People are gonna die. Girls are gonna die." (Buffy, S7). Examine the special status of "girls" in the Buffyverse. The quote made me think of how the vulnerability of the potentials seems to contradict the series’ original mission statement about subverting passive female stereotypes. I went from there to thinking about the many ways in which the series did do that (the subversion thing) and how in that sense girl’s stories really do have a special status in the ‘verse. So it’s not entirely unrelated to the original topic even though if I were marking me, I think I’d fail.

Reader, I destroyed him.
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Author : [profile] candleanfeather
Summary : an analysis of the symbolic meanings of Spike's dream in Out of my mind, preceded by a short approach of the general functions of dreams in Btvs.
Spoilers : up to Btvs7/17 (Lies my parents told me)
Word count : 2700 more or less
Notes : This essay is an answer to [personal profile] bookishwench 's request (Here)
Thank you to   [personal profile] stormwreath  who helped me to recollect the dreams in Btvs.
This essay is unbetaed, and english isn't my native language, so don't hesitate to signal me all the cases of bad spelling, strange syntax, atrocious grammar that could disgrace this essay and  [profile] peasant_    's Metathon

This way for the essay, please


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